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Coconut Oil Products


Look and feel invigorated, sensual and younger through the natural anti-aging qualities of Vanuatu’s Virgin Coconut Oil and Vanilla’s power of seduction.

Our natural CocoVan Range™ celebrates the restoration and skin enlivening qualities of pure Virgin Coconut Oil, the soothing, sensual allure of Vanilla, combined with the benefits of organic Cocoa Butter, mineral clay, Lime Essential Oil and real volcanic ash, as a mild, purifying exfoliant.

““I’ve sent my feedback about your products. Oh! my gosh! I couldn’t believe it! What “Award Winning” products! I can see the difference on my skin. I absolutely love the Coconut Vanilla Bath Oil. I use it on my hair & skin. I’ve noticed wow! what a difference? It smells so divine! The magic ingredients, I absolutely love it!

Finally I’ve found a product that has been used over thousands of years and I’m so glad its got protection on the skin and dramatic difference! Even my friends at work said my face was glowing!

Take care”.



Coconut Oil and organic skin care go hand-in-hand but we’re not just talking about any old coconut oil. You need coconut oils that are non-hydrogenated with no transfat. Coconut Oil that is hydrogenated or super-heated alters the chemical structure of the fats. If you like the natural aroma of coconut then only use coconut oil that is “unrefined”, “organic” and “virgin”. An easy way to do this is to look for Volcanic Earth’s Virgin Coconut Oil as it satisfies all three.

You are about to enjoy anti-aging coconut oil and organic skin care products made from pure, Virgin Coconut Oil that is rich in antioxidants ready to combat all those free radicals (that make us age by destroying the skin’s underlying connective tissue). At Volcanic Earth you can expect only the highest quality Virgin Coconut Oil in the production of our CocoVan range of coconut oil and organic skin care products.

The Virgin Coconut Oil in our CocoVan products will also soften and moisturize your skin, as well as aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells making your skin smoother and more evenly textured with a healthy “shine”.

Many conventional body care products made with refined vegetable oils, have all the antioxidants stripped from them (as a result of the refining process) and so are highly prone to free-radical generation, causing your skin to actually age faster! Virgin Coconut Oil has been found to: –

1. Prevent premature aging of the skin.

2. Heal and repair damaged skin tissue.

3. Help bring back a youthful appearance

4. Assist in the prevention of liver spots and other blemishes caused by aging and over exposure to sunlight.

5. Strengthen the body’s immune system.

6. Help protect against degenerative disease, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

7. Promote weight loss. To find out more – Click Here.

Pure Vanilla Essential Oil and Vanilla Extract offer a multitude of health benefits. Vanilla not only exhilarates the brain and uplifts the spirit, it calms and soothes away emotional tension in the form of anxiety and stress. Vanilla has also long been recognized as a natural aphrodisiac! To find out more – Click Here.

PLUS discover the health benefits of the real volcanic ash used in our Body Scrub and Foot Scrubs – Click Here.

You really are in for a treat with the CocoVan Range™ of pure, organic products. Priced right with all the natural skin restoration, healing and anti-aging benefits your body deserves!

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