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Volcanic Earth Skin Care : Manufacturer of Fair Trade skin care products and Fair Trade organic, beauty cosmetics.

Volcanic Earth Vanuatu skincare production has been operating in Vanuatu and around the world for the last 20 years formulating Fair Trade skin care products and Fair Trade organic, beauty products. Recently Volcanic Earth Vanuatu has expanded into natural hair products as well. It is owned and operated by Fresh Change Ltd., a company incorporated in Vanuatu. It’s international headquarters are in Port Vila, the Capital of Vanuatu. The company is headed up by Linda Trenkner, a  strong advocate of natural, organic, products who believes we are all “connected” to the earth’s energy…..the stronger the connection, the stronger and healthier we become.

Volcanic Earth® is not so much in the business of manufacturing natural skin care products in a world of homogeneous skin care competitors, as we are about making “natural and safe  Bio Solutions for problem skin and hair issues that really work”.


Located in the beautiful South Pacific, Vanuatu (formerly known as the New Hebrides) is comprised of a line of volcanic islands and submarine volcanoes, giving rise to a roller-coaster ride of volcanic activity and tremors. Straddling what is known as the “Pacific Ring Of Fire”, this small island nation of 83 separate islands is situated between Fiji and New Caledonia (about 1,400 miles east of north-eastern Australia) and boasts the most accessible active volcano on our planet (Mt. Yasur Volcano on the outer island of Tanna). Vanuatu is also known for its natural waterways, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. This untouched paradise is virtually free of pollution, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or insecticides. Crops are grown organically and flourish here in the rich volcanic soils and high rainfalls without the need for chemicals.

Volcanic Earth Vanuatu Fair Trade Products

This ancient land is one of the few places on Earth where you can enter into a culture that goes back thousands of years and connect with the natural world. The people of Vanuatu are Melanesians. Their ancestral traditions include some natural skin care secrets to prevent and protect against many common skin conditions utilizing the health benefits of volcanic ash, pumice, coconut oil and the Dr Oz recommended Vanuatu Tamanu Oil™.

Drawing on these age-old traditions and customs, Volcanic Earth® offers you a unique range of natural skin care products from virgin coconut oil skin care to volcanic body scrubs, moisturizers, sensual Frangipani and Vanilla for women, Sandalwood for male skin care, silky coconut soaps to the ever-amazing Vanuatu Tamanu Oil™ range of products. Recently, buzz about these wonderful products has begun to spread like volcanic lava itself – most recently in Tokyo, Japan!

Volcanic Earth’s mission to enhance the skin health and well-being of people around the world extends well beyond our products. Vanuatu is a small nation  and many indigenous Ni Vanuatu in need, particularly families in the remote, outer islands and young people, are getting relief, thanks to your generosity.


Your purchase of Volcanic Earth’s natural skin (and hair) care products helps create livelihood opportunities for many locals connected to the supply of local, raw ingredients such as Tamanu nuts, Nangai Nuts, Coconuts, Hibiscus, aloe vera, volcanic ash and pumice.  Together we can work towards relieving poverty and suffering in a largely a “Custom Economy” (barter system).

For the last two decades, Volcanic Earth, its distributors and most importantly, its customers have made a positive contribution to the alleviation of poverty in Vanuatu for those in need. In association with the Australian Government AusAid Department, via its innovative, Enterprise Challenge Fund, Volcanic Earth managed to create employment and livelihood opportunities for more than 1500 Ni Vanuatu and these benefits continue through to the present day.

It is through its principles of fair trade and the opening up global markets for its unique products that Volcanic Earth seeks to be a significant contributor for disadvantaged Ni Vanuatu, particularly women,  but in a way that allows them to work and live in harmony with the country’s beautiful, natural (unspoiled) environment and stay in touch with ancient earth.

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Sulfur is the active Mineral ingredient in volcanic ash. Sulfur not only helps your body to resist bacteria but it actively works to destroy it. Sulfur exists in your haemoglobin and connective body tissue :

  • To purify the blood;
  • Stimulate bile secretion;
  • Protect the protoplasm of cells; and
  • For anti-aging via the synthesis of Collagen


Collagen is one of the main proteins you need for the structural integrity of your skin. Volcanic Ash provides you with a wide range of beauty and health benefits due to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and general purification, cleansing and exfoliating qualities.

Sulphur slows down the aging process because you need Sulphur for the synthesis of collagen and because of its ability to protect against the toxic effects of pollution and radiation. It is part of the chemical structure of the amino acids glutathione, taurine, cysteine, and methionine.

Known as “nature’s beauty mineral,” Sulfur fights skin disorders such as acne, dermatitis, dandruff and flaky, reddish skin. It is needed to stabilize keratin protein in your nails and hair.

It is a key ingredient in shampoos, cleansing bars, spot treatments, acne and body scrubs. Volcanic Pumice makes for a milder, gentler exfoliant, especially for your face and neck areas.

Our volcanic products, in the form of body scrubs or exfoliants work to cleanse and purify your skin by killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells. Plus they work to keep you looking as young as possible.

Linda Trenkner (CEO)

Linda Trenkner (CEO)

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