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Coconut Ash Scrub (wth Volcanic Ash)

Coconut Ash Scrub (wth Volcanic Ash)


This coconut oil, volcanic ash body scrub is a moisturizing body exfoliator blended with cocoa butter and ash designed to leave your skin with a smooth, healthy glow.

Volcanic Ash has long been used by the Melanesians for a wide range of skin infections because it helps purify, cleanse and protect the skin by killing bad bacteria.

The ash, as with our coconut oil, is also a totally natural exfoliator that acts to gently but effectively, remove the outer layer of dead skin cells without drying out your skin. In addition, this Volcanic Earth Coconut Ash Scrub is high in antioxidants and will:-

• Hydrate your skin;
• Help protect your skin;
• Detoxify your skin naturally;
• Stimulate your lymphatic system;
• Tones and refreshes your skin;
• Boost your blood circulation; and
• Promote the release of unwanted toxins.

You’ll love the aroma of Coconut, Lime and Vanilla and the improvement in the overall appearance and health of your skin. An effective body scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes at the same time.

Vegan friendly
Suitable for all skin types

4.56 ounces or 135ml

Product Of Vanuatu, South Pacific


Aqua (pure Vanuatu water), Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocus Nucifera), Ngali Oil (Canarium Indicum),Emulsifying Wax Profile (nf), Cocoa Butter (theobroma cacao), Corn Starch (Zea Mays), Geogard ECT, Volcanic Ash, Coconut Fragrant Oil (fragrance), Vanilla Extract (vanilla plantifolia),Lime Essential Oil (citrus aurantifolia).

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