Cellulite Is A Build Up Of Fat Underneath the Skin Usually As We Age

Cellulite usually presents itself as lumpy, uneven bumps under the skin and is more prominent in women than men because of the different ratio of fat, muscle and connective tissue. It’s most evident on the back of the thighs and buttocks but is also commonly found around the tummy and hip area.

No one really knows what causes cellulite in the first place but factors such as diet, genes, lack of exercise, hormones and even pregnancy are believed to have some impact on its development. However, while overweight people are more susceptible, it still occurs in skinny people.

Our Volcanic Earth Butt Buffer may help to reduce cellulite, but you need to apply the product on a daily and prolonged basis to see lasting improvement. This moisturizing Butt Buffer not only assists to tighten the skin but it helps distribute the underlying fat more evenly, thereby giving your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.

TIP: Also look at your diet and weight gain. Consider implementing an exercise routine involving strength training and aerobic exercise to burn fat and build muscle strength.