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Dear Volcanic Earth Reseller,

Did you know? Many people don’t know that generating traffic is the most important thing to do once you have constructed your website?

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true.

This scenario happens every day: a new Internet Entrepreneur starts a web site, waits for traffic to come, ends up disillusioned, and then… abandons the whole idea. So why doesn’t traffic immediately stream in after someone sets up a website? The primary reason is that traffic has to come from somewhere. It doesn’t just drop out of the sky. After all, why should your new site be more noticeable than another and the rest of the over 170 million active, web sites on the Internet?

If you have no traffic, you will also have no profits – Period.

It’s great getting your VE online shop or website store up and running with our different products – But then what? The best products in the world, on great web sites, still won’t do you any good until you have TARGETED TRAFFIC visiting your site and buying VE products through your site! Simply putting a site online and submitting it to the search engines won’t even do the trick these days.

The first step is to ensure that your website is search engine optimized. One of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress (over 30 million downloads since 2007) is the All in One SEO Pack to automatically optimize your site. Just click on the banner to learn more.

Search Engine Optimisation

The second step is to promote your website. There’s a whole new world online, Web 2.0, and if you’re not harnessing it’s potential to drive traffic to your site, you’re Missing Out – Big TimeSo what is Web 2.0? Simply put, it is interactive online communication. Examples of this are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. which provide a means for you to create your own little corner of the Internet and devote it to your interests. Then you can invite other people who have similar interests to come on board and interact with you. Squiddo, Forums and Blogs are other examples.

You can use Web 2.0 Social Marketing very effectively to drive targeted traffic
to your online store IF you go about it the right way!

To help you out, we’ve put together a number of videos and banners of different sizes that you can use to help drive traffic to your website.


Note: To download any video of the videos below, you will first need to download a YouTube Downloader HD at:

Download Youtube Downloader HD

Once you have done this, you will be able to open the ap and insert the relevant YouTube video URL you want to download from the list below by simply copying the relevant link and pasting it into the ap.

1.Volcanic Earth https://www.volcanicearth.com/video/volcanic-earth.mp4
2.Volcanic Earth2 https://www.volcanicearth.com/video/volcanic-earth2.mp4
3.Hibiscus Shampoo & Conditioner https://youtu.be/vdlkSNQBJx8
4.Hibiscus Face Oil https://youtu.be/ijvSudRJjDs
5.Hibiscus Face Mask & Oil https://youtu.be/1TJec0e69lU
6.Go Away Lice https://youtu.be/Spx7s3CPLv0




Thanks again for becoming a VE Reseller and we hope that this vault of traffic resources will unlock proven and effective techniques to bring you targeted traffic, sales and profits!

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