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Frangipani Scented Coconut Oil


Frangipani Scented Coconut Oil


This virgin coconut body oil, scented with Frangipani, offers benefits of coconut oil for skin and for hair such as:-

• boosts your skin’s protective barrier layer;
• traps moisture inside your skin;
• Keeps skin supple and radiant;
• increases collagen production (anti-aging);
• hydrates and moisturizes your skin;
• soothes and nourishes dry and cracked skin;
• reduces patchy scales and redness;
• Moisturizes your scalp and hair;
• Reduces split ends and hair breakage;
• Boosts luster and hair volume;
• Soothes scalp irritations and inflammation.

(135ml or 4.565 oz)

Product Of Vanuatu, South Pacific


Virgin Coconut Oil, Sandalwood Fragrance Oil


Volcanic Earth Frangipani Scented Coconut Oils are virgin coconut oil products excellent for bath, hair and body treatments, face, legs, feet, heels and as a massage oil.

The oil is absorbed into the skin and into the cell structure of the connective tissues, limiting the damage excessive sun exposure can cause.

Unrefined, Coconut Oil is not only excellent for your skin, but for your hair as well.

Experience the lasting, anti-aging benefits of raw, Virgin Coconut Oil today!


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