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Molten Lava Soap

Molten Lava Soap


Natural coconut oil soap handmade using premium grade, Virgin Coconut Oil and manufactured by Volcanic Earth

A natural, handmade soap bar  that:-

• Helps deliver a blemish-free skin;
• Is designed for deep cleansing;
• Cleanses and moisturizes your skin naturally;
• Is high in antioxidants for good skin health;
• Animal and environmentally-friendly;

A true, handmade Virgin Coconut Oil soap.

95grams or 3.35oz

Vegan and environmentally friendly
Suitable for all skin types and skin color

Product of Vanuatu, South Pacific


Why you use a Natural Soap over a Commercial Soap?

A natural soap is a true soap made from natural ingredients, preservative-free and usually handmade. Commercial soaps are mass produced “detergent soaps” containing chemicals, cheap ingredients and preservatives. They are not really “soap” at all but rather they are made using synthetic substitutes that can be toxic to your skin and the environment. Natural soaps moisturize skin whereas commercial soaps dry out your skin.

Healthy skin begins with a choosing the right soap. We use soap extensively on a daily basis and a natural or organic soap can form the basis of a healthy skin care routine and help prevent the transmission of some viral and bacterial diseases. Fake soaps do the opposite.

Natural, handmade soaps are considerably more expensive than commercially made soaps but the following benefits of natural soaps are well worth the extra cost:

  1. Avoids exposure to potentially harmful toxins;
  2. High in antioxidants;
  3. Contain natural anti-bacterial properties;
  4. Better quality ingredients;
  5.  No preservatives;
  6. Easy on the environment.

So don’t be fooled by mass-produced commercial soaps whose focus is on profit. Put your skin health first and choose natural soaps as an essential priority in your daily skin care routine.

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