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When the giving of a Gift means more than you realize….

Volcanic Earth was born out of a desire to utilize the natural resources of Vanuatu to create much needed jobs and employment opportunities for disadvantaged Ni Vanuatu, particularly on the more remote islands of Vanuatu. The founding owners were aware of the extensive ash planes on Tanna Island to the South and that volcanic ash and pumice are natural exfoliating agents that also work to cleanse and purify the skin. They learnt that some indigenous people on Tanna Island used volcanic ash for certain skin problems and had for centuries.

Traditional therapies also incorporated the wide use of Virgin Coconut Oil, a secret skin rejuvenating agent they called Nabagura Oil (more commonly known as Tamanu Oil) and Nangai Oil for its deep moisturizing and revitalizing properties. All three of these natural, beauty oils are produced from nuts. Coconut Trees, Tamanu Trees and Nangai Trees grow naturally in abundance across many islands of Vanuatu.

These revelations led these Expat Australian owners to develop an extensive range of natural body scrubs and other natural skin care products based on Virgin Coconut Oil, Tamanu Oil, Nangai Oil, Volcanic Ash and Pumice. The sourcing of local, raw ingredients and embarking on establishing Volcanic Earth as a trusted, international skin care brand would also create a significant number of income opportunities for villagers collecting coconuts, Nangai Nuts, Tamanu nuts and volcanic ash.

In 2008, Volcanic Earth embarked on a joint project with AusAid to expand its processing plant to produce bulk supplies of skin care products for export markets in the wholesale and retail sectors, as well as a program of working more closely with village suppliers to increase supply. Over the ensuring years, Volcanic Earth’s production capacity increased significantly. Coconut suppliers in rural locations benefited from cash payments for their produce. Volcanic ash was also purchased in bulk quantities. Payments also went to land transport providers and inter-island shipping companies. Most of these suppliers had limited alternative income sources.

The benefits of Tamanu Oil
Volcanic Earth is making a direct impact on the lives of thousands of Ni Vanuatu disadvantaged by remoteness and poverty. Villagers now have the opportunity to earn cash for necessities in an otherwise non-cash economy. This hard fought growth has also lead to direct employment opportunities within the company and specialist training.

So when you buy a Volcanic Earth skin care gift set or any of our other products for yourself or someone special, you are also contributing to the development of direct and indirect employment and livelihood opportunities for many disadvantaged, indigenous communities throughout Vanuatu – now that truly is a gift!

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