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Is Your Skin Type The Problem Or The Products You’re Using!

Whether you’ve got pale white skin, fair skin, darker white skin, light brown skin or brown or black skin, chances are your skin will be either  normal, dry, oily, combination (oily and dry skin) and sensitive. These different classifications for skin types are all determined according to the amount of oil that your skin produces.

Your skin type will also affect the types of problems you might have to endure throughout various stages of your life.

Normal skin will have medium sized pores and an even texture. This is obviously the ideal skin and will appear smooth and healthy looking. This skin will have good circulation and color and the only area where there might be a problem is a tendency to become a little dry around the cheeks.

Oily skin, on the other hand, will show in a more shiny skin tone and the larger pores that are associated with oily skin will also make blackheads and blemishes more prevalent.

Dry skin will feel tight and more so after cleansing. It will be more prone to fine wrinkles, red patches and flaking. It can also appear dull, and to some extent this is due to the buildup of dead skin.

Sensitive skin is delicate, thin and has fine pores. People with thin skin will appear to blush more easily and can be susceptible to rashes and other skin irritations. Broken capillaries are also another problem that faces people with sensitive skin.

These are the main skin types but there are other factors that can affect the condition of your skin.

Naturally your genes will determine what type of skin you are likely to have but our lifestyle can also have a bearing on the condition of our skin. Stress, nutrition, medication and many more factors can change the condition of skin.

No matter what type of skin you have, addressing these issues will ensure that you will make the most of the skin that you have inherited and reduce the problems that are associated with your skin type.

How to repair dry skin
One problem of course is the ingredients in many skin care formulations may actually be aggravating or even, to some extent, be causing your skin problem. Did you know that out of more 10,000 chemicals found in cosmetics and beauty care products around 90% have never even been tested for safety!

Look for Clean Label cosmetics and beauty products that are also formulated with natural ingredients. No matter your skin type, your skin is delicate and care needs to be taken to keep it in optimal condition. If you are also prone to skin conditions such as pimples, acne or skin rashes, consider using this award winning super oil below.

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Remember, it may not be you skin type that’s causing you problems but rather the products you’re applying!

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