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Peppermint Foot Cream


Peppermint Foot Cream


Volcanic Earth Soothing Peppermint Foot Lotion Moisturizer

Peppermint Essential Oil foot care moisturizer is a cooling, soothing and hydrating moisturizer cream for cracked heels, calluses, hard skin, diabetics and dyshidrotic eczema or dermatitis to help with red spots, dryness, swelling, cracking and blisters.

While Peppermint Essential Oil contains naturally occurring menthol to cool your feet, this foot moisturizer also boasts beautiful, Virgin Coconut Oil (a natural moisturizer) and Nangai Oil. This light, rapidly absorbing oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the Nangai Tree (Canarium Indicum) and is an active ingredient with wonderful emollient (having the quality of softening or soothing the skin) and exceptional, moisturizing properties.

Nangai Oil also imparts outstanding feel characteristics in creams and lotions and boasts anti-inflammatory properties to quickly relieve swelling and pain.

Keeping your feet in good shape is important and requires regular foot care. This Volcanic Earth Peppermint Foot Cream  foot cream does just that. Relieves, moisturizes and nourishes tired feet while also improving the appearance and texture of tired feet.

Love your feet more!

Vegan friendly
Suitable for all skin types

4.56 ounces or 135ml

Product Of Vanuatu, South Pacific


Aqua (pure Vanuatu water), Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocus Nucifera), Nangai Oil (Canarium Indicum), Emulsifying Wax Profile (nf), Geogard, Peppermint Essential Oil.


Apply daily. If your feet are in a bit of  a state, apply morning and night.

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Weight 0.21 kg
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