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Hibiscus Skin Care

Shop Hibiscus and discover why Hibiscus is like Botox, why Hibiscus is good for your face and how to use or apply Hibiscus on your face daily.

The reason Hibiscus skin care products are good for your face is due to the fact that the Hibiscus Flower possesses natural Botox properties. The flowers can be reduced to a powder extract that is rich in Vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants (called “anthocyanosides”) to promote more collagen production and help protect your skin from environmental stressors.

Hibiscus also possesses astringent properties to tighten your skin’s pores and thereby contain excess secretion of Sebum. This is especially relevant if you have very oily skin. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to ease skin redness and irritation.


Just how you use Hibiscus on your face depends on what Hibiscus face care products you’re using. For example, our very popular Hibiscus Brightening & Tightening Face Mask should only be used 2 or 3 times a week. However, our beautiful, Hibiscus Face Oil can be applied on your face daily.

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