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With Psoriasis affecting more than 8 million people in the United States alone, understanding the best treatment to manage Psoriasis is a pressing concern. If you are one of the many people around the world dealing with psoriasis, you already know that it can be a difficult condition to live with. It can cause itchy skin, redness and pain. More importantly, in cases of widespread Psoriasis, the condition will also tend to have a very negative effect on your self esteem to the point where you are so self-conscious as to not even want to go out and socialize.

Managing the symptoms of psoriasis is a challenge for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right treatment and management plan in place, you can keep your symptoms under control and find lasting relief from this common skin condition.


Make no mistake, Psoriasis is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat effectively. There are all sorts of treatments on offer but very few work or if they so, you run the risk of negative side effects.

The latest drugs available for the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis in adults are injectable IL-23 inhibitors such as Tremfya, Skyrizi and Ilumya. The first two are self-injectable drugs using a prefilled syringe or auto-injector. Ilumya (Tildrakizumab-asmn) must be administered by a doctor. Side effects from these drugs can range from joint pain, headaches, tiredness (fatigue) to injection-site reactions or infections. These treatments for Psoriasis don’t sound like much fun to me!


Topical treatments are those products that you apply directly on your skin or scalp. With many of these, you can buy them over the counter (OTC) at a pharmacy or drugstore, whereas some require a doctor’s prescription.

These topical formulations can range from ointments, creams and lotions to pastes and gels. Some are moisturizers and emollients you buy without a prescription while others include Cold Tar, Salicylic acid, artificial Vitamin D and steroids (both mild and corticosteroids). Apart from the fact that results are very mixed, you again run the risk of side effects such as thinning skin, skin bruising and changes in skin color to actually irritating your existing Psoriasis condition!

One of the main problems with these is that they are mostly aimed at reducing the symptoms of Psoriasis (primarily inflammation) rather than effectively treat the condition.


Tamanu Oil is the best way we know of to treat Psoriaisis. It’s scientific name is Calophyllum Indophyllum Seed Oil and it is an oil extracted through cold pressing the cured nuts of the Tamanu Tree. It’s unique skin rejuvenating properties can be used for a wide range of common skin conditions and the beauty of this potent is that it is also:-

1. A very effective treatment for psoriasis.
2. A natural way to treat psoriatic skin conditions.
3. A topical treatment you can use at home.
4. Devoid of side effects (unless you have a nut allergy).


“It’s a big mistake I did not take before and after picture. I suffered from severe Psoriasis from my head to toe. I went to several doctors and had countless treatments, nothing worked. In one month of using Tamanu Oil, 90% of my body is completely cleared with brand new skins. This oil is surely a miracle.” Tyrone, Sydney, Australia

“Hi Barry,
I have seen really great results so far I’m not clear yet but have seen a vast improvement by using tamanu oil twice a day, I have also changed my diet and excluded sugar, gluten and red meat My thighs which where the worst and so painful look sooo much better.” Eve P – Sydney Australia

Below you will find a range of Tamanu Oil products where every product is either pure 100% Tamanu Oil or contains pure Tamanu Oil as one of the main, active ingredients. This includes any of the packs such as our Full Facial Care Set where every product in the set contains our powerful Tamanu Oil.

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