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Vanuatu Coconut Oil 600ml or 20.28oz


Vanuatu Coconut Oil 600ml or 20.28oz


Some of the best coconut oil is that made through direct micro expelling (DME) as it retains all the goodness and antioxidants.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of coconut oil for face or skin acne, pimples and other skin conditions means that as it penetrates into the skin, it kills bacteria and germs, reduces inflammation and helps to revitalize and clarify skin.

This bottle of pure Virgin Coconut Oil comes in 600ml (20.28 ounces).

Vegan and environmentally friendly
Product Of Vanuatu, South Pacific

100% pure DME Virgin Coconut Oil


Volcanic Earth DME Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is super fresh and fair trade at its best. DME stands for Direct Micro Expelling.

Unlike Copra Oil, the DME process extracts Virgin Coconut Oil from fresh, mature coconuts within 1-3 hours of cracking the nuts. This approach produces beautiful Virgin Coconut Oil full of antioxidants and retaining the fresh coconut aroma.

Apart from producing a beautiful product, the DME process is also important as it helps end the cycle of poverty for many disadvantaged Ni Vanuatu villagers who would otherwise be paid poorly for copra or have little opportunity to earn income.

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