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When you buy Tamanu Oil wholesale from Volcanic Earth, you can be certain that you are buying 100 % pure Vanuatu Tamanu Oilwith no additives or chemical processes involved – totally unrefined, wild harvested Tamanu Oil. In addition, our bulk Tamanu Oil comes from Tamanu Nuts of ONLY those Tamanu Trees that grow in their natural state by the sea. Here in Vanuatu, many of the indigenous natives believe that these trees draw additional nutrients from the coral through their root system whereas inland Tamanu Trees or trees grown in an artifical environment do not. This is why the highest quality Tamanu Oil is our Vanuatu Tamanu Oil™.

Know what high quality Tamanu Oil looks like – Avoid black-coloured or yellow-colored or rancid oil.

If you want to buy the best quality Tamanu Oil then you need to know the difference between high quality Tamanu Oil and the cheap rubbish oil peddled as Tamanu Oil, especially the black or very dark oil coming out of Vietnam. No wonder it is so cheap but like anything, you get what you pay for. Pure Tamanu Oil should not be black or extremely dark in colour. If it is then chances are that the Tamanu Nuts have been subjected to high heat (usually in a fire) in an effort to speed up the 6-8 week curing process. All you end up with is burnt nuts and burnt oil when it is expelled. Worse still, the resulting oil lacks much of its natural, skin-healing and anti-aging properties. It might even be harmful to use as the anti-cancer components of Tamanu Oil may be affected.
This brings us to the very light or yellow-looking varieties of so-called Tamanu Oil. This is not the natural color of pure 100% organic Tamanu Oil but rather an adultered version in that the oil has been put through a chemical filtering process which strips the oil of some of its components and/or alternatively, it has been diluted down with a cheap carrier oil like Olive Oil, or both. The end result is a very inferior and much less effective oil.
Avoid rancid Tamanu Oil. However, if you have never used Tamanu Oil before it is not always easy to tell the difference. However, avoid oil that has a lumpy or non-smooth consistency and looks and smells bad, Having said that, don’t confuse this with the normal strong, nutty aroma of Tamanu Oil or the fact that the fatty acid content tends to separate in cold weather! Keep Tamanu Oil at or around room temperature where possible to avoid this
100% pure, high grade Tamanu Oil is expensive but don’t sacrifice quality for profit as your customers will soon know the difference and go elsewhere.

If you want to buy or source only the best quality Tamanu Oil then look no further than Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil.

This is what pure 100% best quality, organic Tamanu Oil should look like

So it is not about where to buy Tamanu Oil in the USA, Australia, Canada, the Uk, India or anywhere else in the world – it is about sourcing the best quality Tamanu Oil wholesale suppliers and Volcanic Earth not only quarantees its quality but we also ship worldwide.


Our Vanuatu Tamanu Oil™ Wholesale prices for the bulk quantities of Tamanu Oil (see below) range significantly as volumes increase so you will need to contact us for prices and the shipping charges. You can do this by emailing us at enquiries@volcanicearth.com  or by phoning us +(678) 26690 or +(678) 7746112. Note, the + means that you must dial out of your country first.

5 Litres
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Vanuatu Tamanu Oil

40-1,0000 Litres

Vanuatu Tamanu Oil is regarded as the finest Tamanu Oil in the world. While Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil is available in our 15ml Roll On, 60ml and 140ml bottles (see our Tamanu Oil Range), we take great pleasure and pride in being able to offer wholesalers, importers and retailers around the world, the opportunity to buy bulk Tamanu Oil at wholesale.

All of our Vanuatu Tamanu Oil is 100% pure tamanu Oil. We do not dilute this South Pacific skin care gem by adding Olive Oil or any other additives. Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil is available in bulk Tamanu Oil quantities as set out above. Orders for 100 liters or more attract the best rate.


Although indigenous Melanesian and Polynesian communities discovered this mind-blowing, natural skin care remedy many centuries ago, it is only in recent times that Tamanu Oil has begun to attract serious attention from the beauty industry. One thing is clear – Tamanu Oil is now at the cutting edge of a new wave of emerging skin care products. Below I will attempt to explain precisely why this is the case.

How Tamanu Oil Is Produced

The Tamanu Nut Tree only bears fruit once a year and the fruit itself is inedible. However, inside the fruit is a pale-coloured nut kernel. When this nut kernelcures (which takes 1-2 months), it turns a deep, chocolate brown and releases a sticky, rich oil. These days, the oil is often extracted from the nut kernels using some form of mechanical cold press. The resulting Tamanu Oil is a rich, luxurious, greenish-amber colour. It is non-toxic and devoid of any chemical additives.

How To Use Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is non-greasy and readily absorbed into the skin. As the oil is so effective, a little goes a long way. Initially, it’s a good idea to apply the oil 4, 5 or more times a day and then cut back as the problem begins to heal. This is particularly so when looking to remove age spots from the back of the hands, forehead, face, arms or upper thighs.

If you are applying the oil to a large area then the frequency should be 2-3 times a day. It can have a drying effect on the skin when applied to a large area. If the area does start to become “scaly”, don’t be alarmed – it means the oil is doing its job. Ease off on the application or even stop for a few days. Apply some pure 100% Virgin Coconut Oil to ease the drying effect and then re-commence with the Tamanu Oil, if necessary.

We are not aware of any documented reports of adverse effects due to the application of Tamanu Oil. Just the same, care may need to be taken if you are allergic to nuts. In this case, apply the oil to a small area first to check for any adverse reaction.

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