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Effective, organic beauty skin care treatments should include regular body scrubbing exfoliation. Find out what is a body scrub and its benefits? Our natural body scrubs use volcanic ash or pumice to exfoliate dead skin cells while our Virgin Coconut Oil and organic Cocoa Butter simultaneously soften and moisturize your skin. Healthy skin starts with body scrubbing and if you use self tanners then it is essential.



The main benefits of a scrub and why should you exfoliate are: -

  • Improves skin texture by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal the underlying new, healthy skin cells and make your skin soft and silky smooth.
  • Unclogs and deep cleanses skin pores  – the best scrubs clear out any dust, dirt or make up that can build up in your pores and help to unclog them. Blocked pores can appear bigger so by removing debris from clogged skin pores it makes them appear smaller.
  • Prevents and clears breakouts  – an effective scrub cleans and purifies your skin. It also helps prevent the build up of dead skin cells and the clogging of pores which otherwise can lead to acne and acne scarring. Scrubbing your skin will take care of these dead cells and prevent them from clogging your pores.
  • Reduces the signs of aging  – as you get older, your skin loses collagen and becomes less elastic. Over time, blemishes and dark spots often appear. Your skin can also become rough in places. Scrubbing with a good exfoliator helps lighten any dark spots, remove blemishes and rejuvenates your skin to bring back a healthy glow and vibrancy to your skin.


With our moisturizing, body scrubs you don't need soap or a body wash provided you are basically clean to begin with. Just wet yourself under a warm shower, then pause the water and apply the scrub in a circular fashion - unpause the shower to wash off the body scrub under warm, running water and you're done! However, if you need to wash off any oil or grime, then use a natural soap or natural body wash first before applying the same procedure as mentioned previously. In either case, follow with a natural moisturizer and here you can't go past our Tamanu Oil Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer made from anti-aging Virgin Coconut Oil and the unique skin-healing, Tamanu Oil.


"Please feel free to use my comments on your web site. One of the foot body scrubs (the fooy scrub) for the girl who has been doing my pedicures for the past 10-11 years almost fell over when she saw my feet. I have a very serious digestive disease and I have had my large intestine removed and a great amount of small intestine removed so I deal with a lot of nutrition problems and dehydration.

That is what causes my feet to be so terrible and like I said I have gone to so many doctors for my feet and I have tried so many creams and scrubs and nothing works and I mean nothing!! I'm just so very happy I found something so reasonable in price that fixed it. I can't thank you enough. If my pedicure girl likes the body scrub she would like to talk to you about carrying it in her salon here and I know she is going to love it. She told me today that in all the years she has been doing my nails and pedicures she never thought she'd see my feet look like this. I will contact you once she lets me know. Thanks again!! Take care."

Denise Wolfe


One of the secrets to perfecting your skin care regimen lies in regular exfoliation. So what do we mean by exfoliating? It is simply the process of removing dead skin cells on the surface to reveal the radiant and new emerging skin cells underneath. A secondary benefit is that exfoliation prepares your skin for quick absorption of moisturizing creams, oils and serums. If you want natural, glowing skin then exfoliating from your face to your feet is an essential step in achieving this outcome. This is why we have a range of exfoliating scrubs to address your face and neck, your body, your hands and your feet.

Here's how to exfoliate like a skin care pro with Volcanic Earth products :-

Note: You don't need to do any dry brushing before stepping into the shower. Our coconut oil-based scrubs either contain volcanic ash or volcanic pumice which are very effective exfoliants and skin purifying agents.

STEP 1. Simply hop under the shower and begin with the soles of your feet using our Erupt Foot Scrub. It is coconut oil based and so it will not dry out your feet. In fact, it will both exfoliate and moisturize your feet at the same time. You may also need to use a pumice stone or exfoliating brush on any calluses and very rough areas.

STEP 2. Now work your way up your body starting with the tops of your feet using one of our body scrubs in a circular motion. Avoid any sunburnt areas (if any) and avoid scrubbing too hard around any sensitive areas.

STEP 3. Use a body brush to exfoliate hard-to-reach places like your back.

STEP 4. When you get to the neck and face, use our Honey & Pumice Facial Exfoliant or Men's Face Scrub as this is gentler on sensitive areas and especially formulated for the face.

STEP 5. Rinse off your body with lukewarm water and follow with cold water if you're up to it.

STEP 6. Once you have stepped out of the shower, apply one of our body moisturizers all over the feet, legs and body. Here we recommend our Tamanu Oil Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer (see our Tamanu Oil Range). It is a coconut oil moisturizer super charged with the very powerful anti-aging and skin healing agent known as Tamanu Oil.

STEP 7. When you get to the neck and face area you can still use the same moisturizer as it is an all-over body moisturizer or if you prefer, use our Facial Moisturizer With Tamanu Oil or in Men's Face Moisturizer With Sun Block.

STEP 8. The last step is your hands. You not only want your face and neck to look and feel smooth but your hands as well. Simply exfoliate your hands with our Frangipani Hand Scrub or the Tamanu Volcanic Ash Scrub in our Tamanu Oil Range. Follow with our Frangipani Hand Moisturizing Cream (see- Moisturizers) or again you can use our Tamanu Oil Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer (see our Tamanu Oil Range).

You need only exfoliate a couple of times a week but be sure to moisturize at least once a day to keep your skin hydrated.

Now scrub your way to healthy, blemish-free skin today with these powerful, exfoliating products!

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Natural Hand Scrub

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Frangipani Hand Scrub

(with Volcanic Ash)
4.565 ounces or 135ml


Scented with this Frangipani and
containing real volcanic ash, this
all natural hand scrub cleanses
and lightly exfoliates to maintain
your hands in great condition.

Scented with Frangipani Essential

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $19.85

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Coconut Body Scrub

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Coconut Ash Scrub
(Body Scrub)

4.565 ounces or 135ml


Volcanic Ash has long been used by
native Melanesians for treating a wide
range of skin infections because it
helps protect and purify the skin by
destroying bacteria. .

Blended with cocoa butters to deeply
moisturise and soothe, our Coconut
Ash Scrub will leave you with a smooth,
healthy skin glow.


One of our most Popular!

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $20.80

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Mesn's Face Exfoliator

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(with Tamanu oil)
3.55ounces or 105ml


Dead skin cells and clogged pores
can cause acne and skin breakouts.

Tamanu Oil is an anti bacterial and
anti-acne, anti-aging agent so this
Volcanic Man Face Scrub is enriched
with certified organic Tamanu Oil as
well as micro-fine volcanic pumice
that will gently scrub your the face
fight acne causing bacteria in
the process.

Apply 2 or 3 times a week

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $16.75

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Organic Body Scrub
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Tamanu Volcanic Ash Scrub

4.56 ounces or 135ml


A highly effective, mineral rich
scrub specially formulated to
draw out toxins and remove
dead skin cells.

Formulated with Tamanu skin
rejuvenating oil and calming
Lavender essential oil.

Assist with eczema, psoriasis
and skin rashes.

For all skin types

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $17.30

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Natural Body Scrub
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Tamanu Volcanic Ash Scrub

(250ml or 8.45 ounces)

Same exfoliating scrub as above
just in a larger 250ml bottle.



For all skin types

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $31.99

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Peppermint Pumice Body Scrub For Feet

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Peppermint Pumice
Foot Scrub

4.565 ounces or 135ml


These organic foot products use volcanic
pumice as a scrub to purify and exfoliate
the affected area.

Enriched with Peppermint and cocoa butter,
it also smooths, moisturizes and stimulates

Great natural foot fungus treatment but
be sure to follow with our wonderful skin
healing cream we call Tamanu Butter.



Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $19.85

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Face Exfoliator

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Honey & Pumice Exfoliant
(Facial Scrub With Tamanu Oil)
2.3 ounces or 60gm


Looking for the best face scrub,
then look no further!

This face skin care exfoliant, made
from honey, micro-fine volcanic
pumice powder, Tamanu Oil and
Virgin Coconut Oil is very effective
to prevent or remove skin blemishes.

Assists in anti-aging to keep your
skin looking healthy.

Suitable for fine, sensitive skin and
for anyone with extra greasy or oily

Outstanding face skin care exfoliant for smooth, blemish-free skin!

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $18.65

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Exfoliating Cellulite Treatment
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Volcanic Butt Buffer
(Body Scrub)
2.4 ounces or 80gm


This exfoliating skin conditioner will
give your thighs and butt that “really
good scrub” to stimulate circulation
and attack celulite formation.

Exfoliate with real volcanic ash and
detoxifying mineral clay (pummel any
dimply bits).
Also helps to moisturize
with our organic cocoa butter and
freshly squeezed limes.

Cellulite Treatment for thighs and buttocks!

Product Of Vanuatu


Price - $9.25

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Foot Care

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Erupt Foot Scrub

Daily Foot Treatment
(approx. 60 Grams)



A totally natural, moisturizing foot
exfoliant that is just brilliant for
damaged feet or for keeping your
feet in really good shape.

Our Cocoa Butter and natural
emollients will simultaneously
soften and moisturize your skin.


Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $5.99

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