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Wow, the potent benefits of Tamanu Oil for aging skin, irritations, rashes, stretch marks and burns are extraordinary - from the face (aging and wrinkles) to skin rashes, dry, itchy or scaly skin irritations. Of course, Tamanu Oil is also famous for fighting more specific skin problems (acne, psoriaisis, eczema etc) but here we want to focus on how Tamanu Oil can help where you have sensitive or aging skin or where you may have stretch marks or burns such as a chemical burn or perhaps you have been left with radiation burns following cancer treatment.

Below you will discover how far reaching Tamanu Oil benefits can be. However, what is not commonly known is that pure Tamanu Oil is fantastic for helping to rapidly remove the constant skin bruising that elderly people endure as a result of even the slightest knock because their skin is so thin.


To the right you will see just how dramatic the results have been with the Tamanu Oil on this 85 year old man (refer opposite) and this is only after applying pure Tamanu Oil on his forearm for just 14 days.


Here is another example of different Tamanu Oil benefits (refer right). This lady (Sue) sustained 3rd degree burns from hot oil after a cooking accident in her kitchen. Had it not been for the use of our Tamanu Butter three to four times daily on these burns, scarring would have been inevitable.

Natural skin treatment products that are safe and effective!

Tamanu Oil Benefits

Given Tamanu Oil's unique ability to promote skin cell rejuvenation through the growth of new, healthy skin tissue, the anti aging benefits of Tamanu Oil and Tamanu Oil-based products are obvious.

Whether we like it or not, getting old is unavoidable and so aging skin is normal too. However, the process by which skin ages is aggravated by various factors. One of the most important of these is the damage inflicted by the sun. While there are many anti aging products on the market that promise more youthful looking skin, the majority of them contain chemicals and artificial preservatives that are often toxic and likely to do more harm than good.

Let's talk Botox for example. It is a drug and a Botulinum  toxin. While it is used commercially as an anti-aging agent, what it really does is temporarily paralyse face muscles. If you buy Botox in the United States, the box it comes in must contain a warning that when administered locally there is a risk that the toxin may spread from where it is injected to other parts of the body and cause Botulism! When dealing with Botox you ar dealing with the most lethal toxin known to man. It can move into the brain and damage the central nervous system causing death.

However, within the context of cosmetic applications the risks are more likely to be side effects such as paralysis of the face muscles, headaches, difficulty swallowing and allergic reactions. These are usually temporary as Botox treatments are temporary. Still, these side effects may be around for quite some time (months) and the fatal risks associated with Botulism are always there.

So, rather than undertaking dangerous injections and surgical procedures, why not turn to Tamanu Oil as a natural treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Tamanu Oil For Rashes
Before After

Skin irritations and rashes go hand inhand. While all sorts of dietary and environmental factors can bring about skin problems for many people, one of the major contributing factors is often the over-the-counter or prescription medications promoted as a remedies to fix the problem. Unfortunately, they usually come with possible side effects which can aggravate your existing skin condition. Even many skin care products available on the market today are risky business.

Did You Know?

That out of more than 1,000 chemicals found in cosmetics and beauty care products, around 90% have never even been tested for safety - now that is scary!


Did You Also Know?

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) analysed 2,983 chemicals used in everyday personal care products.

The results were as follows:-

- 884 of the chemicals used were toxic;
- 314 caused biological mutation;
- 218 caused reproductive complications;
- 778 caused acute toxicity;
- 148 caused tumors:
- 376 caused skin and eye irritations

Now that is even more scary!


Below is an unsolicited testimonial from a VE staff member(indigenous Ni Vanuatu) about her own experience with stretch marks and Volcanic Earth and this is BEFORE she ever came to work for us.

“I am 22 years old and I was born in Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Actually my parents come from the island of Tanna in Vanautu. This island is one of the most popular places in the South Pacific to visit because tourists want to go to the top of Mount Yasur Volcano - the world’s most accessible, live volcano.

I attended year 1-6 at Pango Primary School from 1996-2001, then did my high school education from 2002-2008 at Tebakor College and graduated year 12. In 2009-2012 I attended university of the South Pacific. In 2012 in the month of April I began training lessons on website development and search engine optimization at Volcanic Earth. After approximately two months I signed a contract with Volcanic Earth to continue working and training with them. I like working for this company because I learn a lot of new things that I haven’t done before and they also produce natural skin care products for our skin to look smooth and beautiful. Volcanic Earth has a product called Tamanu Oil which they export all over the world because it is so popular. Their Tamanu Oil is 100% ALL NATURAL and it works wonders for the skin. Volcanic Earth really is the home of the Dr Oz Vanuatu recommended Tamanu Oil. In fact, from what I can see Volcanic Earth put Tamanu Oil on the international map!

I started using Volcanic Earth’s Tamanu oil and Tamanu Butter. They really worked. I found that for my skin this product works really well as my skin is normally really dry and the Tamanu Butter has the added moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter and beautiful virgin coconut oil that Volcanic Earth makes in its own coconut factory. Actually I used both products as the straight Tamanu Oil works great but it does have a strong smell whereas the Tamanu Butter doesn’t.

The other reason for using the Tamanu Butter was due to some stretch marks that developed during growth spurts as a teenager. I am so pleased to be able to say that the product got rid of all these stretch marks completely!

I still use the Tamanu Oil twice a week though as an after- shower oil. I am so happy that there are no more blemishes on my body. Volcanic Earth manufactures a whole range of Tamanu Oil-based products and lots of other natural skin care products including body scrubs with volcanic ash or pumice. Thank you very much Volcanic Earth for making some of the best natural skin care products on the planet!”

Meriam Yankee, Port Vila, Vanuatu
Tamanu Oil Stretch Marks


"Good afternoon,

Hope this finds you well. I have ordered the complete facial line and my skin absolutely loves it!!! I have lots of sunlight damage as well as acne scarring. The Volcanic Earth facial products have really helped my face to even my skin tone and miraculously slowly get rid of the scarring from acne in the past. I have really responded well to all the products in the facial line, and my face feels clean and fresh!

I am in need of some items and am about to make an order. Is there any holiday discount I can receive??

I also like the virgin coconut oil as well. I use it in my hair and on my skin!!

I swim in a pool almost every day causing my skin to be very dry! My skin loves the virgin coconut oil! I am in need of more as my brother took mine. If you can help me out and allow me free shipping or a discount, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time and for allowing me to use your products.

Have a Great Day!!

Joelaine Hanberry, Louisianna, USA - 1st December 2016


Tamanu Nut Oil is made from the nuts of the Tamanu Tree and Vanuatu Tamanu Oil is regarded by many as the best in the world. Apart from the obvious Tamanu Oil benefits for skin, hair and even animals, this extraordinary product doesn't harm the environment in any way. It is only after the fruit of the Tamanu Tree has fallen to the ground naturally that the nuts are collected and cured. Consequently, there is no detrimental impact on the trees or the environment.

Vanuatu's low population, unique rainforests (with very little logging), extremely low carbon emissions and a large land area rich in volcanic ash (plus 2500 kms of exposed coastline) are all significant factors that go a long way to explaining why consumers prefer Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil over any other. The different islands of Vanuatu are coral islands and the Tamanu Tree flourishes well by the sea. Local Ni Vanuatu believe this is because the roots of the Tamanu Tree feed off additional nutrients found in the coral itself. It is little wonder that Vanuatu Tamanu Oil is highly sought after around the globe. Read thisTamanu Oil Botanical Data Profile to learn more about the proven benefits of Tamanu Oil!

Also of importance to us here at Volcanic Earth is how the harvesting of the nuts produces a very real benefit to local villages disadvantaged through poverty and remoteness. Cash payments are made for all of the Tamanu nuts collected and this represents a sustainable source of income for these Ni Vanuatu people (who are mostly women) living in a largely non-cash economy. There is little paid work on the outer islands and these local people would otherwise be very strapped for cash to pay for school fees, medical care and other basic necessities.

Click here to download a Vanuatu Poverty Analysis conducted by the Asian Development Bank

Bulk Tamanu Oil Benefits Villagers

As you can see from the picture above, life in these villages is hard. Villagers (usually women and children) often have to walk long distances, on a daily basis, to collect water. Living largely off the land (tending their gardens), these people live in a "custom economy" where they exchange goods in the absence of money. They manage but as you can imagine, they can't pay medical bills or schools fees with taro or a woven mat. Like you, they want their children to have an easier and better life than they have. One of the keys to achieving this is to keep them healthy and educated - this takes money. Through buying and using Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil products you are making a real contribution and difference in the lives of these young pikinini (children), their families and their villages. You also get to enjoy great skin!


So thank you Volcanic Earth customers for your loyalty, support and compassion.

Tamanu Oil

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