Natural, facial skin care for wrinkles, uneven skin tone, puffiness, premature aging, sun damage, acne-prone skin, blackheads, redness,
dullness, scarring, fine lines, dark circles, age spots, enlarged pores, congestion, hormonal breakouts, rosacea, roughness/flakiness,
dehydration, irritation-prone skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and wound healing.

Anti-Aging Facial Care Products
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Every product in our beautiful Face Care
range below now all contain Certified Organic
Tamanu Oil for optimum skin health!

Just look for the little symbol beside each product listed below and for any of you that may not be
aware of all the incredible skin care benefits of Tamanu Oil, you can learn more here.



There is a lot of skin care talk around from would-be experts but the best skin care tips start with the basics. Firstly, there are three different types of skin - dry skin, oily skin and combination skin (a bit of both dry and oily). You need to know what category your skin type falls in. Here is how to work this out for yourself. When you get up in the morning put a dry tissue on your face and then press the tissue against your face. When you take the tissue away look to see whether it is stained or not. If it is stained, then your skin type is oily skin. On the other hand, if you find that there is no oily patch anywhere then your skin type is dry skin. Should you see a T-shaped stain of oiliness down the forehead, nose and chin with the rest of the tissue dry, then your skin type is combination skin.

Skin Issues

Once you know your skin type, it becomes much easier to look after it and to deal with any problems related to it. The essential steps towards achieving normal skin that has a soft texture to it and a healthy glow are cleansing, toning moisturizing and rejuvenating.

“Hi , I have a Volcanic Earth Natural Skin Care Facial Night Cream 4.5oz.  It also says on the label very gentle, suitable for all skin types from oily, dry to very sensitive skin.    It was given to me as a gift and I absolutely love it.

I was wanting to know how I can get some more of this night cream.  I would also like to try some of the other products too.

Is there anywhere in New Zealand that stocks your products?  I live in Wellington, NZ.

I look forward to hearing back from you.”

Barbara Hanrahan, Upper Hutt, New Zealand

"Hi! Gina, Volcanic Earth Sales,

I have received my most recent order. I just want to thank you for your excellent products, wonderful service. Your products are the first to actually improve my skin condition. Your products are fantastic!! My mother, several friends, & myself, absolutely love the wonderful improvements our skin is showing!! I love the Tamanu!!! It is doing wonders for my skin. Thank you!

I intend to continue ordering from your company. 

Again, I thank you very much!!!!

A loyal & satisfied customer,"

Kay Schmidt, Minnesota, USA

"I just thought I would let you know that I spot tested your Aromatherapy Night Cream. That stuff is amazing! I don't use it for anti aging but it heals the skin at an amazing pace. My mom even commented how amazing my skin is starting to look. I even had a cold sore recently and I put it on it overnight and most of it was healed and gone by morning. Thats why I just ordered another bottle!

Lindsay Hilger , Alberta, Canada

"I've got the facial moisturizer already. It's fantastic and I've ordered more products from you online. This time, I paid by a credit card issued in Hong Kong. Look forward to receiving my order soon. Kind regards,"

Yannie Norris

"Good Morning, I have been using Volcanic Earth products now for a few months and love every one I've tried. I use the whole face care line and my skin has gotten amazingly brighter and overall better!!

I'm in need of some products and would Like to make an order, but I was seeing if you could help and apply some kind of discount on products and shipping?

It would greatly be appreciated!


Joelaine Hanberry, Louisiana, USA


As skin care manufacturers, Volcanic Earth recommends using the best natural cleansers, toners and moisturizers twice daily. In fact, if you have dry skin, you should use a moisturizer during the day as well to maintain your skin's moisture.

Best Cleansers   Best Toners   Best Moisturizers
Cleanliness is essential in order to maintain healthy skin. We touch everything from shopping trolleys to car steering wheels to items in the office or workplace that are never cleaned and carry germs.

These germs get transferred to our face whenever we touch it. From there they get into the pores of our skin and cause irritations and other skin problems.

Sometimes even the face cleaners that people use can cause problems, particularly harsh cleansers on sensitive skin. A good face cleanser should always be free of chemicals.

Choose Volcanic Earth's Aromatherapy Facial Cleanser


After cleansing the skin, apply a chemical-free toner. This is designed to stimulate blood circulation, remove left over traces of cleanser, tone up the facial muscles and restore the pH balance (which sometimes gets disrupted as a result of the cleansing process.

A very effective, alcohol free toner will leave your skin feeling dewy fresh, so as to allow for easy absorbsion of the moisturizer to follow. It should also contain healthy ingredients.

Use toner by applying it to a damp cotton wool bud and wiping over your face or alternatively spray it on (being careful to keep it away from the eyes).

Choose VE Facial Toner


The final step is to moisturize the skin. A great moisturizer should provide moisture to the surface of the skin and helps keep skin smooth and supple.

When it comes to a natural face moisturizer, we highly recommend our Facial Moisturizer With Tamanu Oil. It is made from virgin coconut oil and incorporates 100% pure Tamanu Oil. It is a light crème that is suitable for all skin types.

Apply after toning and before makeup and massage into the skin with firm upward strokes.

Remember, if you have dry skin, use a moisturizer during the day as well.

Choose VE's Facial Moisturizer


(all prices in US$)

Natural Face Soap

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Facial Cleansing Soap
(With Tamanu Oil)
3.527 ounces or 100 grams

Healthy, blemish-free skin always
begins with a good quality soap.

Designed for deep cleansing of
the face without the use of any
harsh chemicals!

A beautiful, chemical-free soap
made from certified organic
Tamanu oil and our pure
Virgin Coconut Oil

Suitable for all skin types!

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $7.99

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Facial Cleanser
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Facial Cleanser
(With Tamanu Oil)

4.56 ounces or 135ml


Rich, natural daily face cleanser
of Virgin Coconut Oil, certified
organic Tamanu Oil, Lavender
and Rose Geranium.

Spreads easily to keep your
pores clear - for all skin types!

Use circular motions and gently
spread over the surface of your
face and neck. When ready,
rinse off with warm water and
pat dry.

Apply morning & night - Follow
with our Facial Toner and Facial

Natural face cleanser for dry, oily or very sensitive skin!

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $19.75

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Facial Toner

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Facial Toner
(With Tamanu Oil)
4.56 ounces or 135ml


Natural Face toner with certified
organic Tamanu Oil
and scented
with Lavender and Rose Geranium.

Removes excess oil, minimises
open pores, cools, soothes and
refreshes your skin.

Apply straight after cleansing
and do not let the Toner dry
out completely on your skin
before applying moisturizer.

Suitable for all skin types!

Give your skin an extra healthy skin rejuvenating boost.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $17.80

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Face Exfoliator

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Honey & Pumice Exfoliant
(With Tamanu Oil)

2.03 ounces or 60ml


Polish your skin to a healthier
complexion with this
face scrub!

Enriched with our micro-fine
volcanic pumice
powder, our
certified organic, Tamanu Oil,
pure Virgin Coconut Oil
Vanuatu honey.

Volcanic pumice and the sulfur
found in such volcanic ingredients
is important for assisting in the
relief of skin problems and for
the regeneration of your

Suitable for fine, sensitive or oily skin!

Great face scrub and mild enough for acne sufferers.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $17.75

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Face Moisturizer

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Facial Moisturizer
(With Tamanu Oil)
4.56 ounces or 135ml



Applying a natural moisturizer
for the face is the final step to
moisturizing your skin.

Helps prevent moisture loss
and offers that additional
moisture boost your skin

Non comedogenic moisturizer
with the skin rejuvenating and
anti-aging secrets of pure
Tamanu Oil.

Perfect for a clear, blemish-free
complexion in a very short time.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $19.45

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Face Night Cream

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Night Cream
(with Tamanu oil)
4.56 ounces or 135ml

A natural, anti aging night
enriched with super

High performing, nourishing
antioxidant night cream,
rich in Virgin Coconut Oil,
pure Tamanu Oil, Lavender
and Rose Geranium.

Helps minimize the appearance
of fine lines and increase skin
elasticity, hydration and restore

Apply nightly.

Follow with our Aromatherapy Eye Cream.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $23.99

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Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

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Eye Cream
With Tamanu Oil)
0.507 ounces or 15ml


A follow-up treatment that
reduces expression wrinkles,
fine lines, crow’s feet and
any puffiness
and dark circles around
your eyes.

Boosted with anti- ageing
Tamanu Oil. Apply after
using our Night Cream
(see above).
winning Tamanu Product!

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $16.60

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Facial Clay Mask

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Clay Mask
(With Tamanu Oil)

2.03 ounces or 60ml

Natural face masks are great
for optimum facial skin care.

This Volcanic Earth Clay Mask
contains specially formulated
ingredients for a face skin care
regime that will help restore
and keep your skin in really
great shape.

Cleanse face and then apply
mask evenly. Leave on for
15 mins. before removing. If
your skin is dry, don't allow
the mask to dry out - just
simply spray with water.

Wash off in warm water & follow with our toner & moisturizer.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $15.30

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Face Care Kit

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Essential Facial Care Pack
(With Tamanu Oil)

Your pores will appear smaller
your skin will be clearer,
smoother, luminous and more


Face Moisturizer with Tamanu
Oil 135ml, Facial Cleanser with
Tamanu Oil 135ml and Face
Toner with Tamanu Oil 135ml

in a bio-degradable gift box.


Product Of Vanuatu

Price -$53.70

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Face Care Set
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Full Face Care Set
(With Tamanu Oil)


This complete face care set
of products is made from
our Virgin Coconut Oil and
certified organic Tamanu Oil
for optimum results.

Contains:- Tamanu Oil Face
Cleanser, Face Toner, Honey
& Pumice Exfoliant, Facial
Moisturizer, Eye Cream,
Night Cream and Clay Mask.


Product Of Vanuatu

Price -$117.55

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Acne Face Pack
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Acne Face Pack
(Acne Face Kit With Tamanu Oil)


A powerful, face care treatment
for acne, pimples and scarring.

A natural acne treatment - fast
and effective results!

Contains:- Facial Cleanser with
Tamanu Oil , Facial Toner with
Tamanu Oil, Honey & Pumice
Exfoliant with Tamanu Oil, Face
Moisturizer with Tamanu Oil and
a 15ml Roll On bottle (refillable)
of 100% pure Tamanu Oil - in
a bio-degradable gift box.

Product Of Vanuatu

Price - $74.70

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Our key ingredients: - Tamanu Oil = a certified organic, skin rejuvenating agent that is fast, effective and all natural. grapefruit Seed Extract= an effective natural preservative Volcanic Pumice Powder = superfine and therefore very gentle pumice, high in mineral content. It is naturally formed, requires no chemicals to process the granules and is an exceptional exfoliant. Rose Geranium Oil = an astringent. Useful for both oily and combination skin types. Lavender Essential Oil = Suitable for all skin typess. Smells great. Virgin Coconut Oil = renowned for it’s skin moisturising qualities. Volcanic Mineral Clays = We have chosen the purest volcanic clays to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. These clays are mined deep below the earth’s surface and contain high mineral content and are pure and natural.

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